EG1107 Dynamics

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Instructor : Gerard Leng
Office : E2-02-13
Consultation hours : 2pm onwards, Mon-Fri
email :
tel : 874 6548
Recommended Text : Beer & Johnston, "Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Dynamics, 3rd SI metric edition"

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Current Topics on Line

  1. Vectors, kinematics and what you should remember from your A levels.
  2. Translating and rotating reference frames.
  3. Equations of Motion.
  4. Rigid body kinematics
  5. Rigid body kinetics.

Dynamics Challenge 2002

The Dynamics Challenge is open to all students of EG1107. There's a prize for the first 3 correct entries. Closing date is 5pm 28 Feb 2002.

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Interesting topics and sites

This section is specially for your requests, special topics and other interesting sites related to dynamics.
  1. Trajectories weird and wonderful.
  2. Here's the hot window cleaner example.
  3. How to solve an ordinary differential equation.
  4. Sliding rod example slides.
  5. Crank slider example slides.
  6. How to find the centre of mass.
  7. How to compute the moment of inertia.
  8. Rigid Body pendulum example slides.

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