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Welcome to the the Master of Defence Technology and Systems GW: Guidance, Aerodynamics & Control course website. The website is created to help streamline course adminstration. Feel free to browse and download any material.

Course admin

Important updates and topics will be posted here after announcement or discussion in class.

Lecture & Tutorial Materials

We have placed some of the lecture slides here for your reference. Certain parts of the slides are left blank for class discusssions and derivations. You may wish to make a copy before attending lectures and tutorials. The lecture files are in pdf format. You need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is not installed with your browser.




Project Requirements

The project details may be viewed here : See project requirements

Computational Exercises

The computational lab programmes and manuals can be downloaded here.


Some background material: Miss distance analysis

Matlab version

SciLab version

If you have difficulty accessing Matlab or SciLab download the following executables files to the same folder and run adjoint.exe followed by plot.exe.


Some background material: Missile fin mechanization

MatLab version

SciLab version

Interactive Simulation Lab

We have created some simulation exercises to help you get a feel for some guidance and control concepts. Change the value of the simulation parameters as suggested in each exercise and try to predict the outcome. Have fun.



Exam Guide

The exam guide may be viewed here.
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