Duffing Oscillator

In this lab we will study the forced Duffing oscillator, a 2 degree of freedom oscillator with cubic stiffness.

x’’ + ax’ + x3 – x = b cos(t)

The oscillator can exhibit chaotic (i.e. irregular) oscillations. In the applet below you need to enter the following

  1. The no. of time steps for the simulation.
  2. The time step size.
  3. The no. of frames displayed each sec. Increase this for a faster simulation speed.
  4. The damping parameter a (0 < a < 1) and forcing parameter b (0 < b < 1). Try (a = 0.15, 0.25, b = 0.3)
  5. The initial conditions x(0) and x'(0). Try different combinations.

Click the Restart button to redraw the phase plot i.e. plot velocity against displacement.

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